Jorge Arribas was born in Aranda de Duero, Burgos (Spain) in 1979. When he was twelve, he started studying accordion and transverse flute in Valladolid, and since the very beginning he has successfully combined academic training with his participation in traditional bands, folk music bands and chamber ensembles.

He obtained his professional degree on transverse flute and accordion in 2001, when he also finished his university studies on Social Work. He then decided to move to Madrid and to undertake higher studies on music, specializing in accordion. This new phase did not prevent him from keeping up with his various projects that took him on tour all across Spain and part of Europe (Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany…)

After obtaining his higher education degree, he returned to Valladolid from where he combines tours with bands such as Celtas Cortos with his own projects, recordings and collaborations with musicians with diverse backgrounds: María Salgado, Javier Paxariño, Manuel Luna and Rao Trío, among others.

In 2005 he became part of La Musgaña, this was a turning point that bestowed him a different approach to traditional music. He plunged into a learning experience that ultimately led him to share Castilian music and convey it to USA, Canada, France, Algeria, Russia, Morocco and Spain.



Taper Duel is born out of these trips, out of his continuous learning, the search of new colours and his deep knowledge of tradition. This proposal was created together with Cesar Díez and, taking original music compositions as starting point, it recreates traditional music through an open language that combines the bass guitar and accordion’s multiple pitches and sounds.

Thus, Jorge Arribas managed to bring academic and professional training together with his creativity and enthusiasm for continuous learning, the search for new sounds.

In 2011, he goes a step further and creates a new project together with Diego Galaz: Fetén Fetén. They make their own compositions based on popular music with a very close language that manages to convey to the audience those dances celebrated in Europe in the early 20th century, spiced up with a contemporary and fresh touch.

In 2016 Jorge makes the ethno jazz project "Primitive Grooves" with César Díez and Adal Pumarabín and a new solo spectacle "el Barco de Martín" on 2017.


Jorge now combines his own bands with studio collaborations, as musician or composer for theatre plays and documentals, and with artists from different genres (Nacho Mastretta, David Herrington, Zoobazar, Korrontzi, Celtas Cortos, Rozalén...) solo concerts, didactic concerts for schools and family audience (El Barco de Martín) and music therapy for special education centers.