Solo Concert: “Blowing reeds”

Jorge Arribas: Accordion, tabor pipe, vulture wing flute, camping chair flute, metalophone, flute and bawu.

A journey through the popular rythms that have influenced Jorge and shows us blowing reeds and other instruments that accompany him in this live concert.
Rhythms and sonorities from the Iberian Peninsula, Asia, South America, and melodies that travel from Spain to Sweden, passing through France, Italy, Ireland, Brittany and all the places the trips and musicians with whom he has shared the stage, have provided him in more than 20 years of career.


Masterclass (two modes):

Workshops on specific accordion music, focusing on different aspects: technique, bellows, melodies, accompaniment forms, exercises for left hand, etc.
Workshops for musicians in general addressing harmonic and melodic aspects in different rhythms of popular music, ways to accompany and play melodies in different styles and rhythms, instrumental ensembles and collective classes.